CAP Cessna Overflying Mount Rushmore
Civil Air Patrol
Virginia WIng
Group IV
Serving the Central Virginia Area !

    Welcome to Group IV

    We are comprised of the following Squadrons:
        Fredericksburg Composite
        Southside Composite
        Hanover County Composite
        Byrd Field (Hanover Squadron Satellite)
        Fort Pickett Composite
        Carolyn A. Guertin Cadet Squadron (Formerly 
                                                                        West Richmond)       
am honored to be your Group IV Commander, and stand ready to serve with you in support of our communities, state and nation in order to fulfill our ever important mission. 

Each of us are fulfilling a role in something much larger than ourselves, and success requires hard work and dedication in order to accomplish our ever expanding mission.

The Group IV staff stands ready to support you in areas such as Safety, Public Affairs, Recruiting, Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, and Orientation ride coordination. There is a tremendous amount of talent in each of your Squadrons, and our common goal as a Group should be to set high standards and strive to be at the forefront of other Groups in our Wing.

In order for the Civil Air Patrol and our Group to continue its growth, we must tell our story to as many people and organizations as possible.

We need to inform and educate our neighbors, school systems, local, regional and state partners as well as elected officials about our capabilities and programs, and how we are striving to maintain a high level of successful activity and readiness.

I am extremely proud to be a member of the Civil Air Patrol and I look forward to serving with you into the future.

Thanks for all that you do !

Semper Vigilans,

Leslie Vazquez, Lt Col
Group IV